• N6654H - C172M | $145/hr

    Get there quick with 180HP! New Garmin 430W, dual VORs, useful load of 1057lbs, ADSB IN/OUT, and ADF. (IFR)

  • N533SJ - C172N | $145/hr | K50

    A workhorse of the fleet, equipped with a Brand New Avidyne 440 and Aspen EFD1000. With a useful load of 818lbs, dual VORs, ADSB-OUT, and long range tanks. (IFR)

  • N6596W - PA-28-140 | $150/hr | K50

    The ultimate trainer, this Piper Cherokee has a brand new 140hp factory Lycoming Engine. Equipped with Dual Garmin G5's, GTN 650 WAAS (GPS/NAV), Dual Garmin Coms, and the industry leading Garmin GFC 500 Autopilot. The perfect TAA trainer for all your single engine ratings!

  • N789PS - Piper LSA | $140/hr | K50

    Our Light Sport-a beautiful flyer with full glass advanced Dynon avionics and dual axis autopilot. The perfect TAA trainer and time builder!

  • N6366R - PA-28-140 | $135/hr | KEWK

    Great stable trainer with great fuel burn per weight! Great comprise between performance and cost. Garmin 250XL equipped and ADSB-OUT. 

  • N3770 - Bellanca Decathlon | $180/hr | K50

    The only flight school in the area to offer tailwheel and aerobatic training! Our Bellanca Decathalon is a favorite of those looking to get the tailwheel endorsment or for those looking to get a taste of aerobatics! Tandem seating and capable of +6g,-5g's!

  • N1189E - American Champ LSA | $130/hr | K50

    N1189E – our second Light Sport. The VFR basic equipped taildragger makes your tailwheel more affordable while also qualifying for your sport license.

  • N9730Q - Beechcraft Sierra A24R | $200/hr | KEWK

    Our complex aircraft is equipped with a brand new panel composed of an Avidyne IFD440, Aspen EFD1000 and more! It has a useful load of 980lbs and is an excellent cross country flier! (IFR)

  • N9483W - Piper Cherokee 235 | $200/hr | K50

    Our high performance aircraft is equipped with Dual AV-30s, Garmin 430W, a constant speed propeller, 235 hp, ADSB-OUT, and useful loads of 1300lbs. Great trainer and family cross country flier.

  • N9305Y - Beechcraft Travel Air B95 | $390/hr | KEWK

    The JBA multi-engine aircraft is here! Accompanied by a useful load of 1,147lbs, this Beech Travel Air is the perfect trainer to get your career to the next level. Equipped with a Garmin 430W (IFR)