• Pay as you fly

    Aerobatic lessons are $185+tax an hour.


    Instructors - $60/hr

    5% Discount on plane rates when paying check or cash


    Aerobatic Lessons last about an hour. Two aerobatic flights a day is the max allowed per person.

    Plane Rates 
  • Tailwheel


    3 flights minimum (more if needed to proficiency)

    -1 flight in Decathlon

    -1 flight in Champ

    -1 flight in either of your choosing

    -3 hours of ground

  • Considerations

    Our tailwheel aircraft are able to accommodate certain heights due to their seats not being adjustable. If you are 6'3" or taller, a fitting will be required to ensure safety and unrestricted flight controls movement. For aerobatics please consider that you will be required to wear a parachute which will reduce leg room.

  • Aerobatics

    Lessons will be taylored to each pilots skill set. Basics start with loops and aileron rolls and will slowly go on to the more advanced maneuvers, culminating with EAAs yearly beginner maneuver set. If you have ever wanted to advance your skills to their peak, this is a great experience to further your abilities.